Volktek 定揚 / NXF-742MC


Main Features:
Ideal for Telco and Cable Network application
Extends distances ranging from 2km (multi-mode fiber) to 60km (single mode fiber)
NWay Auto-negotiation support on RJ-45 port
DIP switch manual setting on 10 or 100 and half or full duplex in case of auto-negotiation failure
Store-and-forward at full wire speed
Chassis compliant (internal power supply)
Auto MDI
Manual setting on speed and duplex for compatibility with non auto-negotiation devices
Link Fault Signaling LED illuminates to indicate link down
Device DIP switches allow multiple configuration options
Link Fault Signaling function can boot up redundant link if network is installed with primary and redundant link
Local and remote loopback test for first time installation and trouble-shooting
Available with external & internal power supply
FCC Class A & CE approved

Introduction & Benefits
IEEE 802.3 (10BASE-T )
IEEE 802.3u (100BASE-TX/FX)
1 x UTP
1 x Fiber optic (ST/SC WDM; multi-mode/single mode)
Max. Distance:
UTP: 100 meters (Category 3/4/5 or better)
Fiber: Up to 60Km (Single Mode)
Unit LED:
100: Green-Illuminated when data packets are being transmitted at 100Mbps
LFS: Red-Illuminated w hen a b reak o r d isruption e xists i n c opper o r f iber l inks
LNK: Green-Illuminated indicates receivin link pulses from compliant device
ACT: Green-Flashing to indicate data packets being sent / received
FDX: Amber-Illuminated to indicate unit is in full duplex mode
COL: Amber-Flashing to indicate collision
PWR: Green-Illuminated to indicate unit is operating under normal power
Power Input: 12 V DC @ 0.8A , External power adapter
Frequency: 47 Hz to 63Hz
Operating: Temperature : 0oC to 50oC
                Relative Humidity: 10% t o 8 0% N on-condensing
Storage: Temperature: -20oC to 80oC
             Relative Humidity: 5% to 90% Non-condensing
Emissions:FCC Part 15 of Class A & CE approved
Dimensions:109.2 x 73.8 x 23.4mm (L x W x H)

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地址 : 81350台灣高雄市左營區果峰街12巷22號2樓 
2F., No. 22, Ln. 12, Guofeng St., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City 813, Taiwan 
TEL : 07-588-1868 | FAX : 07-588-1870 |

UBSIP : 777168 E-Mail : kshelp@ublink.org