Volktek 定揚 / MEN-5428


The MEN-5428 is a high port density managed access switch designed to deliver Gigabit Ethernet speeds with exceptional performance for high density subscriber base with high ARPU. A variety of traffic-shaping QoS mechanisms and rich software features of the MEN-5428 increase overall efficiency and reliability of the network. Easy-to-use management and monitoring capabilities significantly reduces IT overhead by eliminating the need to manually configure policies on the switch, saving valuable time and effort, and avoids unnecessary OPEX. The switch is equipped with 24 multi-rate (10/100/1000Mbps) copper and 4 Gigabit Combo ports to deliver multi-rate transmission speeds for enterprise and FTTX networks. Using its Fiber ports, the MEN-5428 quickly uplinks to the aggregation switches in the network to provide high bandwidth uplinks over variable distances. Thereby, service providers can take advantage of the switch’s high port density to extend their reach within metro areas and also offer high-speed connectivity to their subscribers.

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